An air conditioner tune-up is very important. During the summer, air conditioners seem to be running all the time, and homeowners in Austin often complain of an AC breakdown on the hotter days of the season. An annual AC tune-up is something you cannot ignore doing. If you do, your AC won’t work in the summer the way it should. Homeowners should invest in scheduled air conditioner tune-ups in the late spring, or at the start of the summer season. This scheduled maintenance session will prevent any frustrating breakdowns in the summer, and will help you save money in the long run.
During an AC tune-up session, a qualified technician will inspect your central air conditioning system, or room AC unit. He or she will check the coolant levels, check wiring and other components, will make sure the condenser is clean and evaporator coils are clean, and will perform any safety checks required on your system to prevent any future breakdowns or mishaps. A qualified and licensed technician is easy to find in Austin, and they are just a call away. The technician will perform cleaning and would recommend repairs if needed to make your AC unit work at its best.
Air conditioner maintenance and tune-up is so important for your cooling system to work properly, and it won’t cost you very much. An AC unit can lose its efficiency up to 10% if it is not tuned up once every year; if the AC unit has dirty coils, overheated motors, low levels of refrigerant, wiring issues, dirty air filters, dirty coils, blocked condenser pumps, and so on. An air conditioner with low efficiency will not cool the air in your home properly, the system will work harder than it has to, and this can lead to a system breakdown on the hottest day of the season.