Everybody is asking why a Freon recharge is so expensive, it is because Freon is being phased-out as an air conditioner refrigerant so it is only being used to fill leaks but not in the newer systems. R410A is being used in the newer systems as refrigerant which is more eco-friendly and is better for the environment. Certain chemical compounds have a negative effect on the environment, and so many companies are moving away from toxic compounds to greener, non-toxic alternatives.

What is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a chemical compound that is used in air conditioners. It is what makes the forced air cold when it blows out through the vents in your air conditioner. The refrigerant starts out in liquid form and then changes form as it is passed through copper condensing coils where it becomes super cold and evaporates into a chilly mist that gets blown out by your central air conditioner.

Types of Refrigerant Used

There are many types of refrigerant used for different purposes. The most commonly-known refrigerant is Freon or R-22, which is being replaced by R410A because it is better for the environment and does not harm the ozone layer. Newer air conditioners are being made to use this new refrigerant as Freon is being phased out. The R rating is from the DuPont Corporation which manufactures Freon and owns the trademark. It is classified as a chlorofluorocarbon which impacts the ozone layer along with a few other common refrigerants which have become the subject of increased concern.

How Your AC Uses it

Your AC uses refrigerant to create super-cooled air to be circulated through the homes ventilation system and be returned to cycle over and over again.

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