Heating System Maintenance Services in Austin, TX

ABA Heating & Cooling’s Preventative Maintenance Programs are very HOT, as well as being the COOLEST in the industry!

Regular gas or electric furnace maintenance can keep running smoothly for several years. ABA Heating and Cooling offer heating system maintenance services to home- and business owners in Austin and the surrounding areas. Our 26-point heating tune-up will keep you comfortable all through the cooler months. Investing in furnace maintenance services can keep your bills low by ensuring your furnace operates efficiently and can prevent costly repairs. We even include a 15-point air conditioning tune-up for an affordable, high-quality, professional maintenance service in Central Texas.

Combining two industry-leading services into a low annual price of $129.99!!!

Our Furnace Maintenance Program

We provide maintenance services to gas and electric furnaces in homes and businesses in Austin and the surrounding areas. When you choose ABA Heating and Cooling maintenance services, you get two industry-leading maintenance services for an affordable annual price of $129.99! Here’s what we include in our 26-point heating tune-up:

  1. Clean and Check Gas Burners
  2. Set Manifold Gas Pressure
  3. Check Fan Control
  4. Inspect Combustion Chamber
  5. Lubricate Blower and Bearings (some are permanently lubricated)
  6. Check Equipment and Ventilation Space
  7. Check Heat Anticipator
  8. Check Safety Interlock Switch (where provided by code)
  9. Make Final Operation Check
  10. Clean and Check Pilot and Pilot Tube
  11. Check Gas Input
  12. Inspect Gas Valve and Piping
  13. Check Temperature Rise
  1. Check Wiring Assembly
  2. Check Flue and Venting
  3. Check Thermostat Contacts
  4. Perform Carbon Monoxide Test
  5. Advise Customer of Results of Check
  6. Check Flame Baffle (or Ribbons)
  7. Set Burner Air Adjustment
  8. Check Pilot Safety/Thermocouple/ Spark Ignition
  9. Check Blower Motor (Belt and wires, if applicable)
  10. Check Air Filtration System
  11. Check Limit Control
  12. Check Voltage and Amperage on Motors
  13. Duct Inspection

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Our ABA Heating and Cooling team is committed to providing honest, ethical, and reliable service to home and business owners in Austin and surrounding areas. We provide a variety of HVAC services to ensure your space is enjoyable. If you believe your furnace is having problems, call us today at 512-687-1463, or get in touch through our online form.

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