You may have heard the term “SEER” before but never really understood what it meant or how it pertains to heating and cooling. Well, here is a little information to clear up the confusion and help you understand how this rating system can help you when it comes to buying a new air conditioner or furnace. If your current system is in need of ac repair or is more than 15 years old, it is a prime time to start looking at a new installation.
What Does SEER Mean?
SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating given to new heating and cooling systems that describes how efficient they are at cooling the space it is designed for. It is used to rate the efficiency of the system or unit in question. The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute came up with a similar efficiency rating in 1975 for smaller appliances and air conditioning units. The improved system (SEER) covers larger HVAC systems and is better at measuring the energy consumption and performance output for newer heating and cooling systems.
How Does the SEER Rating Mean in Terms of Performance?
HVAC products are assigned a rating number that is a fair description of how good that product is at heating or cooling a designated area. This is why it is very important, when purchasing a new system, to have it sized correctly because if it is not sized right it will not perform as described by the rating. The higher the SEER number of a product, the higher the output of cooling or heating for the amount of energy consumed. Think of it in terms of miles per gallon in a car (MPG). It tells you about what you can expect in terms of performance for that vehicle or piece of equipment.
The Need for Improvement
The United States Government has mandated that all HVAC systems and appliances be rated by this system and the minimum rating is 13. Older systems manufactured before 1970 may have had an energy-efficiency rating of 6, compared to the new requirements you can see what you’re missing in terms of cooling performance and efficiency. Upgrading to a new system will save you more money and cool your home much better than your old system.
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