Essential Maintenance For Air Conditioning Units in Texas

Texas is known for its hot summers and mild winters, making air conditioning units essential for most homes in the state. To keep your AC unit running effectively, it’s important to perform essential maintenance regularly. ABA Austin offers professional HVAC maintenance for homeowners in Texas. Here are some key tasks to keep in mind:

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  • Clean Evaporator and Condenser Coils
    • Use compressed air to clean coils in the outdoor unit.
    • Sweep a soft brush along the coils to remove light layers of dirt.
    • Consider using foam cleaners or self-rinsing oil spray on coils with heavy buildup.
  • Clean or Replace the Air Filter
  • Clean the Vents
  • Winterize Your Air Conditioner
During the cooler months, take these steps to keep your unit running smoothly:
  • Clear the area around the condenser of all accumulated debris, leaves, twigs, and weeds. Continue to do this periodically through the winter months.
  • Rinse the outdoor unit with a garden hose to remove insects, droppings, and dirt, then allow the unit to dry thoroughly.
  • Cut the power supply to stop the unit from turning on during an unseasonably warm day, resulting in water buildup inside that could freeze and cause damage.
  • Insulate pipes with a foam tubing to prevent freezing and protect the exterior air conditioning unit with a close-fitting cover.

As winter progresses, ensure you remove any ice and snow from the top of the unit to prevent damage from the sheer weight of the wintery buildup. By performing these essential maintenance tasks regularly, you can help extend the life of your AC unit and keep it running smoothly for many summers and winters. For professional seasonal maintenance, call our dependable technicians at ABA Austin.

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Why is Regular AC Maintenance Necessary?

Regular AC maintenance in Texas is the best way to stay comfortable and extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Regular maintenance is necessary for several reasons:
  • Increased Efficiency: Regular maintenance can help keep your AC unit running efficiently, reducing energy consumption and lowering energy bills. This is especially important in Texas, where high temperatures and humidity can strain your unit.
  • Extended Life Span: Regular maintenance can help identify and fix small problems before they become larger and more costly to repair. This can help extend the life span of your AC unit, saving you money in the long run.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Regular maintenance can help remove dirt, dust, and other pollutants from your AC system, improving the air quality in your home and protecting your family’s health.
  • Peace of Mind: Regular AC maintenance can give you peace of mind, knowing that your AC unit is in good condition and ready to keep your home cool and comfortable during hot Texas summers.
  • Compliance with Warranty Requirements: Many AC manufacturers require regular maintenance as a condition of their warranties. Failing to perform regular maintenance can void your warranty, leaving you responsible for repairs and replacements.

By performing regular AC maintenance in Texas, you can help ensure that your AC unit runs efficiently while protecting your family’s comfort and health. Call our team at ABA Austin to keep your home comfortable in cool winters and hot summers in Texas.

How Often Does My Air Conditioner Need Maintenance?

It’s recommended to have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year, typically in the spring before the start of the hot summer season. This annual tune-up by one of our professional HVAC technicians can help identify and fix potential problems before they become larger and more costly to repair.

In addition to an annual tune-up, it’s also important to regularly check and replace air filters and perform the simple maintenance we outlined earlier. The frequency of these tasks can vary depending on usage, but it’s generally recommended to check and replace air filters every 1-3 months.

It’s important to note that the frequency of maintenance may also depend on the age, usage, and overall condition of your AC unit. If you have an older unit or one that has frequently been running, you may need to have it serviced more frequently. One of our expert HVAC technicians at ABA Austin can help advise you on the appropriate maintenance schedule for your unit.

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