Maintaining your AC and Furnace twice a year helps prevent future problems. Spring is the ideal time to have a HVAC service technician perform a maintenance on your AC system and in the fall months it’s time to have the furnace or heat pump tuned up before the harsh winter temperatures hit.

Here are four of the main benefits to a twice a year HVAC maintenance program with ABA Heating and Cooling.

  1. Extended System Life — With regular maintenance, many systems last for 10 years or longer. A tune-up of the unit acts as a preventative to future problems. It also gives the technician a head-start towards diagnosing issues or malfunctions before they become costly repairs.
  2. Air Quality — The air quality in your home could be diminished if the unit or its filter system is excessively dirty or clogged with debris. Poor air quality can accentuate allergies and other breathing difficulties due to allergens and pollen.
  3. Energy Savings — A well maintained unit uses less energy than one that functions poorly. The consumption of less energy by your HVAC system means a savings each month in your business or home’s electric bill. A dirty system often doesn’t run improperly. This makes the unit work harder and lose valuable efficiency.
  4. Repairs — Many newer AC and heating units require regular maintenance to maintain their warranties. When a problem is diagnosed during a scheduled maintenance, manufacturer often warranties the necessary parts to keep the unit functioning smoothly. If a unit is under warranty and does not receive regular maintenance through a professional HVAC company , the warranty often becomes invalid.

To take advantage of the many benefits of our HVAC preventative maintenance program, please call ABA Heating and Cooling to sign up.