We know air conditioners are a blessing in the summer; it makes one feel comfortable inside their homes when the outside temperatures soar beyond 100 degrees. It does not matter if you use a central air conditioner or a room air conditioner; a fully functional and working cooling system is a necessity to be able to bear the scorching summer heat in Austin. In order to run efficiently, your AC would require frequent maintenance and occasional repairs, even if it is a new system that you have installed. AC maintenance is very important, and it will ensure that your air conditioner works best in the most severe temperatures, and does not break down when you need it most.
Regular AC maintenance will ensure the system’s efficiency and long life. The number one tip would be to schedule an annual maintenance inspection and repair with a professional HVAC company in your area. This maintenance will prevent any unpleasant AC breakdowns, or mishaps, and fire related accidents. Scheduled AC maintenance is affordable, and easily accessible. Other things that you can do to make your AC running effectively in the summer is getting to know how to set your AC’s thermostat. Try setting the thermostat between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Any lower thermostat temperature setting will increase your energy consumption by 8%.
An AC technician can also help adjust the thermostat to a fixed setting; this will help cut down on your energy bills, and will make your AC run smoothly. Call up an AC technician for indoor and outdoor unit cleaning. Dirt build up in the indoor unit of your AC is among the prominent causes of poor efficiency. An AC contractor should also check the refrigerant levels; low levels of refrigerant can reduce efficiency, as well, making the system work harder than it should. To reduce workload on your AC, try insulating your home, close the shades and curtains during the day, and don’t let any sunlight in the house.
Check your AC unit’s air filters every two months. Dirty air filters can lower the efficiency of an AC by as much as 15%. Thus, by applying these simple tips and tricks, you can increase the efficiency of your AC, maintain it properly, and increase its working life.