The weather is warming up, and this means you need thorough check-up of your central air conditioning system to help keep you and your family comfortable through the hot and long summer season. You can experience many common and annoying problems with your central air conditioning system; the majority of HVAC repair calls in Austin are related to a leaky air conditioner. Many homeowners tend to ignore small and persistent leaking, but it can lead to a bigger problem, and more costly repair work. There are many reasons why a central air conditioning system may leak water, and an improperly installed window AC or a central air conditioner is the top most reason for a leaking AC.
If your central air conditioning system is leaking water on the floor or into a wall where it is installed, it can cause some serious damage to your property; walls and flooring may be severely damaged. This is not a normal situation, and you should contact an HVAC contractor in Austin to inspect your central air conditioning system as soon as possible. A clogged condensate drain in a central air conditioning system can cause water to leak from the system and onto the floor or into the ceiling. The condensate drain may be clogged with dust, algae, and other debris; an AC repair technician will bring all the right tools and clean the drainage pipes. If a leaky air conditioner is the only AC repair problem you have, it won’t cost very much to get taken care of.
In order to prevent an air conditioner from leaking water, change the AC filters every month or two. Why does changing air filters matter? Because, when an AC runs over an extended period, ice or frost may form over the evaporator coil. When this ice melts, the water may leak onto the floor. Ice or frost may form on the evaporator coil during extreme temperatures. If the airflow is blocked to your system, this ice will form.
For a portable or windows air conditioner, improperly installed systems can cause leaking; this can only be prevented by hiring a licensed and professional HVAC contractor for AC repair and maintenance work. Thus, there are many things that can cause an air conditioner to leak water, and only a trained technician can diagnose the real culprit, and suggest the right repair for your AC unit.