It is very important to have a functioning air conditioner at home that keeps you comfortable, and maintains a stable temperature inside. There are certain things you need if you want your AC to function properly in the most serious summer weather. There are many complaints and emergency calls that HVAC companies receive during the summer months in Austin, and most issues can be solved by regular maintenance and tune-ups. One of the most common problems that homeowners and other AC owners suffer from is a leaky AC, or in other words water leaking from the air conditioner.
If you have noticed that your AC is leaking water, then there is no need to panic. If you have not called up an AC technician for a tune-up session yet, call them now. There are many licensed HVAC companies in Austin that can help with minor to major AC-related issues. Have you ever wondered what a leaky AC could be a sign of? Although, it is alarming, it can be taken care of by a professional HVAC contractor. The number one reason for a leaking AC is an improper installation.
If the AC unit is not level, or is improperly installed, it can leak water, or the other reason could be that your condenser pump is broken. Only an HVAC professional can determine what the real cause of a leaky AC is and how to fix it. If the drain hole of your AC unit is blocked, the AC will leak water since it can be blocked with dirt and debris. If there is a blockage in the drain hole, clear it. When the blockage is removed, the water will properly exit the condenser pan. If the outside unit of your AC is not properly sealed, or the sealing is worn off, it can cause excess warm air to get inside the unit, thus causing the moisture in the air to condense and making the unit pool water below. In this case, the outside unit may require proper re-sealing.
Remember, there could be many reasons for a leaking air conditioner, and only an expert can determine what needs to be fixed. But you must take care of your AC unit. Keep an eye on any such leakages, and report them to your HVAC company in Austin.