How Weather Conditions in Austin Affect The Performance of Your Air Conditioning System

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It is hot out there!!!!! Take care. When summer temperatures become extreme, your air conditioning system is more likely to experience problems.

The majority of air conditioning systems are built to function best when the outside temperature is 100 degrees or less. When temperatures outside reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, your air conditioning system will consume significantly more energy and is more likely to malfunction or fail. In cases like this, ac repairs are often possible. Contact a professional HVAC team like our ABA Heating and Cooling team to schedule an ac repair appointment.

What happens when outside temperatures are above 95 degrees?

When outside temperatures become 95 degrees or higher, your air conditioning system will run at its maximum capacity. When this happens, temperatures inside your home will remain about 78 to 80 degrees. Lowering your thermostat will not improve the effectiveness of your air conditioner. In fact, lowering the thermostat causes the air conditioning system to work even harder while not impacting the temperature inside your home.

A constantly running HVAC system may reduce pressure in the cooling coil until it freezes over, which is dangerous as it can cause liquid refrigerant to flood back into the compressor and damage it.  Also, a frozen evaporator coil may result in frost forming on the copper refrigerant tubing coming from the coil cabinet, inadequate cooling, higher utility bills, excessive condensate drainage, and in extreme cases, frost forming on the exterior refrigerant tubing or the outdoor unit.

AC Breakdowns in Hot Summer Temperatures

Hot summer temperatures can lead to many problems with your air conditioning unit, including:  

  • Air filters become clogged faster than normal.
  • The exterior unit accumulates debris much quicker.
  • Your air conditioning units must work harder to cool your home effectively.
  • Your unit will continue to run 24/7, shortening the effective life of your system.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer In Austin

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During extreme weather conditions, it is extremely important to replace the air filters on your air conditioning system at least once a month. When the unit is turned off, exterior fans should be cleaned periodically with a long-handled brush. To help lower Freon temperatures in the unit, aim a lawn sprinkler at the outside unit. This can lower internal temperatures by as much as 10%. Older air conditioning systems might not survive extreme weather conditions, and in order to cool your home, they will consume a lot of energy. If your air conditioning system is 12 years old or older, it might be time to consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.

Contact An HVAC Professional If Your Air Conditioning Unit Isn’t Cooling Your Home

Contact our experts today to schedule an ac repair appointment or free ac replacement estimate. Our team at ABA Heating and Cooling is here to help no matter the weather. Call 512-687-1463 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch.