5 Reasons To Install A New Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

Are you crossing your fingers hoping your aging HVAC System will make it through this summer? Or worse, did you get home today to a whole house sauna as the old system finally just stopped?

You should install a high-efficiency HVAC system. Regardless of price, this is an investment you should make as a homeowner.  It is important to view this as an investment in your most expensive asset (your home) rather than an expense to be avoided.  

What follows are just a few of the benefits of installing a high-efficiency HVAC unit:


One of the most important points we should address when considering a high-efficiency HVAC system would be that prior models of HVAC systems required 6kWh to cool an entire home. While at first glance 6kWh doesn’t look like a big number, when you find out that high-efficiency HVAC systems only require 1.7kWh to cool an entire home. That is a HUGE difference! While the out-of-pocket cost or upfront investment is higher, think about how much you will save after years of lower electric bills.

Faster Cooling

Fewer AC units are more efficient with regard to operating costs.   These units also cool your home quicker.  All HVAC units work by cooling your home’s air until its temperature matches the thermostat setting. When the air reaches the desired temperature, the AC unit stops until it’s needed again. New AC units reach their desired cooling temperature faster than older units.  


Did you know that it is much easier to pay people to reduce their electricity consumption than it is to add any capacity to an already existing grid?  Your state governments and the electricity companies can provide significant rebates and tax credits as the cost of adding grid capacity far outweighs subsidizing the cost of upgrading your home’s system. With the size of rebates and other resources available, at the end of the day, you may end up paying the same or less as an older-styled HVAC system while receiving the benefits of new technology.

No Fear of Emergency Replacement

When the summer is in full swing, and your system breaks down, you will run into trouble. Finding a licensed HVAC contractor, locating the cause of the breakdown, and finding out your system is perhaps beyond repair is the least cost-effective manner of moving forward.  This puts you in the position of letting your home remain uninhabitable due to the heat and can limit your ability to make the best decision regarding the right replacement. If your system is aged, it is time to upgrade before it is too late.


When you were viewing homes, did you make a mental checklist of all the things that would need to be addressed eventually? Did you pay extra for a thorough inspection to ensure you weren’t investing in a money pit? Did you run away screaming when you saw foundational issues and HVAC issues?  High-efficiency HVAC systems are built with the most up-to-date technology and are significantly quieter during operating periods. Whether or not you are considering listing your home, a sleek and quiet unit will enhance the quality of your life in the home.

When you are proactive about it, you avoid the undeniable stress of finding a licensed and insured professional to come and fix or replace your system while you and your family struggle in the heat. Also, your ability to be an educated buyer is limited when you a physically miserable in the heat.

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