While air conditioning can be a lifesaver in the summer, one thing you might not be that excited about it the look of your exterior AC unit. While outdoor units are more about function than looks, there are a few things you can do to work with this part of your yard. Here are three ways you can hide your exterior AC unit and make this less of an eyesore.

1. Plants for Coverage

If your residential air conditioning unit is visible in your yard or from the street, an easy way to hide this from view is with well-placed plants. Certain options will work better than others, and greenery such as bamboo and vines can grow quickly for coverage. Just remember to keep plants at least a foot from your AC unit so these don’t interfere with the functionality of your exterior unit.

2. Creative Storage

Another great way to hide your exterior AC unit from view is to actually build a structure around this. If you can make an enclosure around your AC unit with additional space, you can use this space for storage of lawn equipment as well. This can be a great way to keep our outside needs easily accessible and also keep your exterior AC unit behind the scenes.

3. Fencing Options

If you don’t have much space to work with, adding decorative fencing around your AC unit can still get this out of sight. A good option for this is lattice for ventilation purposes. If you would like to entirely enclose your AC unit, be sure to have a way for AC specialists to access this if needed such as an open side near the back or a gate.

While your exterior AC unit might seem like an eyesore, there are things you can do to get this out of sight. If you have questions about your air conditioning system overall or need advice on your cooling needs, contact us to help.