Oftentimes, homeowners do not want to think about the condition of their air conditioner as they do not want to consider the cost of residential air conditioning replacement. However, eventually replacement will be inevitable, and doing so will save you money, and keep your home more comfortable. Yet, how will you know when it is time to have your air conditioner replaced? Here are a few signs you can look out for in your home.

It Has Reached Old Age

Perhaps the most obvious signs that you should consider having your air conditioner replaced is its age. Generally, older AC units were not meant to last longer than 15 years, and if your unit is older than this, it is likely running extremely inefficiently. You may want to consider having an old AC unit replaced before you encounter problems with it, and before it begins costing you greatly on your utility bills.

Does Not Keep You Cool

Another way to tell if you should consider having your air conditioner replaced is based on how your home feels. If you are constantly hot, even when your AC is running, this means that it has likely failed and is need of replacement. Consider calling a technician who can help you to either repair or replace your AC unit.

Runs Constantly

You will also know that it is time to have your AC unit replaced if it is constantly running. Your AC should only have to run periodically to keep your house cool. If yours is running all the time, this means that it is no longer functioning properly, and that it could be running up your energy bills. In this case, having your air conditioner replaced could be highly beneficial.

Ultimately, your air conditioner will let you know when it needs replacing as long as you are aware of the signs it will give off. Contact us to learn more about how you will know when to have your air conditioner replaced.