It is very important to take care of air conditioning units installed at home. Annual and seasonal maintenance of an AC will keep it in optimal working condition. Spring AC maintenance is required for all types of air conditioning systems; window or wall mounted and central air conditioners. To beat the heat this summer, make sure your AC is well maintained and working efficiently. Seasonal air conditioner maintenance has to be performed by a professional HVAC contractor in Austin. A window air conditioner requires upkeep and maintenance to be able to work efficiently in the scorching summer heat. It is important to get it inspected before the summer, or during late spring before the real brutal heat arrives.
Most experts suggest professional air conditioner maintenance in the late spring; you should check and inspect your air conditioner occasionally for any signs of damage that may need repair work. Always call up a professional and experienced HVAC company for spring AC maintenance in Austin. It is very easy to maintain a window or wall mounted air conditioner. A room air conditioner is easily accessible. Before performing any cleaning and maintenance tasks, don’t forget to read the user’s manual thoroughly. On most models, it is easy to access the air filter by removing the front panel. Remove the air filter and clean it gently with warm water and mild dish soap.
Before reinstalling the air filter, let it air dry. During the cooling season, you must clean the air filter once a month. Different types of air filters are installed in different models; there are filters that need to be replaced every two or three months, if you notice any tears or holes in the filter, replace it with a new one. Bees or other insects may form nests inside the AC units when these are idle. To avoid this, store your wall AC in a basement or keep it covered. You will also need to clean the water pan of a window AC. Use warm water, dish soap, or a light detergent to clean the condenser pan to avoid any mold or bacterial growth.
Remember, dirty and clogged air filters reduce the efficiency of your window AC by 10%. You must clean or replace the air filters once or twice during the cooling season, depending on your unit’s exact needs. During the seasonal maintenance work, replace the batteries in the programmable thermostat and air conditioner’s remote control. You need to call up a professional for condenser and evaporator coil cleaning; the outside unit of the AC will also require cleaning. By keeping your system up-to-date, you can go through the summer season with ease, and the temperature inside your house will remain pleasant and comforting through out the season. By applying these maintenance tips, the life of your AC unit will increase and energy bills will be lowered.