If you want to increase your odds for a comfortable and relaxed summer, you must schedule spring air conditioner maintenance every year, before the hot heat of summer arrives. Routine maintenance of the central air conditioner will increase its longevity and efficiency. Home central air conditioners typically have two units, the outdoor and indoor unit. The HVAC technician should check, inspect and clean both of the units. A reliable HVAC contractor is easy to find in Austin for central AC inspection and maintenance. During the off-season, you should keep the outside unit covered with an air conditioner cover.
Spring air conditioner maintenance is affordable; you can save money by signing up with the same HVAC company for seasonal maintenance every year. If you are doing the AC cleaning yourself, do not forget to switch off the system on the circuit breaker to avoid any hazardous situations. Remove the covers on the outside unit of the central AC and sweep away any debris, leaves, or shrubs growing over the outside unit. The condensing unit is part of the outside unit of the AC; be sure to check it for animal and insect nests; such as, bees, wasps, rats and other insects. Remove any insect nests, and if you notice damage; contact an expert as soon as possible.
The area around the condensing unit should be clean and free of any debris. Use a garden hose to clean debris, twigs, and leaves built up on the top of the outside unit, and remove the debris settled inside with a water hose. The area above the condensing unit should be clear for about eight feet in the air, so make sure no trees are growing too close to it. To improve the air quality in your home, remove and replace the air filter regularly. A dirty air filter can cause allergies, so look for a high efficiency pleated filter that is anti-bacterial or anti-viral. The HVAC contractor should check the ductwork and look for any leakages, if there is a loss of cool air, he should repair the problem. The ducts and seams should be sealed tightly. Check registers from where the cool air blows into your house, and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris, and other small objects accumulated in there.
If your central air conditioner needs repair, do not ignore the problem. Late spring is the best time for air conditioner repair. An unkempt AC that has to work overtime in the summer is likely to break down on the hottest days.