Air conditioner maintenance in Austin is very important for the efficiency and working life of your cooling system. In order to beat the heat, you must schedule a spring AC tune-up session with an HVAC company in Austin. Experts suggest that the best time for air conditioner tuning is the spring season before the hottest heat arrives. A maintained AC unit will work more efficiently, and it will improve the air quality of your home. Spring maintenance is important because your air conditioner has been hibernating during the winter season, so it requires cleaning and maintenance, it’s more like a kick-start to get it ready to go for summer.
During the winter, the evaporator coils of the air conditioner accumulate dust and other types of outdoor debris. Air conditioner filters may need replacement; the late spring season is the perfect time for air conditioner cleaning. Spring AC tune-ups involve cleaning and lubricating the interior parts of the air conditioner, changing filters, cleaning outside units, and more. You should contact a licensed and professional HVAC contractor in Austin for this kind of work to be sure it’s done properly.

If your air conditioner requires maintenance and repair, it is most likely to breakdown in the summer, or would stop working completely if you have not had AC maintenance so call an HVAC company now for an inspection and maintenance appointment. According to the statistics, regular, seasonal or annual maintenance of the air conditioning system reduces the probability of equipment breakdown by 95%, and reduces energy costs by 25%. Thus, you can lower your electricity bills in the summer if your cooling system has been properly taken care of.