Homeowners can experience many different types of air conditioner related issues in the summer, as the machine has to do extra work when the temperatures soars. The workload takes its toll, and many AC related technical issues surface. Homeowners contact licensed and experienced HVAC contractors in Austin for AC repair and maintenance in the summer. One of the most common issues related to repair work is weird noises coming out of the air conditioner. Some of the sounds are so creepy, and you feel as if the AC will stop working soon. Whenever it happens, you have to contact an expert to get it investigated and fixed. Ignoring the situation will actually cost you more money in the end. So get it looked at and fixed as soon as possible.
An air conditioner is an appliance that has many working parts, and there are so many things that could be behind the weird and strange noises it makes. You have to understand the working parts of the AC, and the causes of such noises before you call up an expert for AC repair in Austin. The main culprits behind such noises are dust and debris that accumulates inside the AC unit over time, therefore, spring AC maintenance is important. If you do not get your AC cleaned before the summer season, dirt and debris that is present inside will force the parts to work harder and thus wear out prematurely, and create strange sounds. Wrong installation of the AC unit and its parts can also cause weird noises. Therefore, what are the different types of sounds, and what can you do about them?
If you are experiencing loud banging sounds coming out of the AC, something has come loose and needs tightening and fixing. It means screws, bolts, or tubing may have to be replaced, or the worst scenario could be a blown thermostat. As soon as you hear such sounds, be vigilant to call up an expert without wasting any time. You don’t have to freak out, it does not mean that the AC is going to breakdown. It means something needs to be tightened, and the reason could be improperly installed parts. A loud humming sound indicates that there is a lot of dust and debris inside the AC. Cleaning the interior parts of an AC requires expert handling, so you should contact an expert AC technician for cleaning and repair of the air conditioner.
Other sounds that may come out of an AC are squealing and hissing sounds; squealing usually means the fan belt is loose. You will likely have to replace the fan belt in this kind of situation. Hissing sounds indicate that there is some type of a leakage, and it could be a refrigerant leakage. So make sure you call up an expert AC technician that inspects and repairs these kinds of problems. Spring air conditioner cleaning is very important if you want to avoid any of these issues. Experts recommend that you go for seasonal AC maintenance at least once a year for your air conditioner to have a long working life.