An air conditioner breakdown is quite a nightmare in the scorching summer heat in Austin; an AC repair contractor can be a savior in such a time. Before calling up a repair technician, it can be beneficial if you try to determine the causes of a sudden breakdown. No one wants to wake up sweating, and to avoid this, you must get the air conditioner cleaned and inspected before the hot season starts. An air conditioner stops working due to a variety of reasons, lack of seasonal maintenance, general wear and tear, being an old AC, electrical wiring problems, and so on. Typically, air conditioners stop working or fail due to lack of proper maintenance, and many homeowners avoid seasonal maintenance that leads to bigger problems in the long run. If the air conditioner fails in the midst of the summer, follow a simple checklist to determine its cause.
Inspect the air conditioner when it stops working; has it completely stopped, or is it just blowing hot air? Was the air conditioner making noises before failing? You have to keep notice of all these things before you call an AC repair contractor in Austin. You should know what went wrong to be able to explain it to the contractor. Check the fuse and the circuit breaker, reset the breaker, and see if it solves the issue. If it is a blown fuse, the repair technician will replace it. A fuse can blow off due to power surges that are frequent in the summer. Have you cleaned the air conditioner’s filter recently? If the air conditioner blows air that smells foul or it is making noises, the reason may be a dirty air filter. A clogged air filter can make an AC run slowly, and send dirty air inside the house. Replace or clean the filter as indicated on the manufacturer’s manual. A dirty air filter can also cause allergies and other respiratory problems for inhabitants of the home.
If the air conditioner stops working suddenly, check the thermostat and make sure it is set at the right temperature, or turn it to the auto position. Replacing the batteries of the thermostat may also help.

If you have gone through the checklist, and cannot turn the air conditioner back on, switch off the air conditioner, and call up a repair professional. Try other ways to lessen burden on the air conditioning system, such as closing blinds during the day, and protecting windows with a plastic film to prevent sunlight from coming into the house. Insulate the roof and windows to prevent overheating, and use a programmable thermostat to increase energy efficiency and to reduce energy bills.