The air conditioning system in our homes is built and designed to help us beat the heat, and to maintain a constant and comfortable temperature inside the house. The summer this year in Austin will be as sizzling as ever, and this can lead to a very common and frustrating issue; air conditioner breakdowns. Soaring temperatures in the summer not only elevate the utility bills as your AC has to work harder, it can also make you pay costly repair bills when the air conditioner breaks down. If you know that your air conditioner went out last year, and you don’t want this to happen again this year, there are a few checks you need to make.
The number one check would be to schedule AC maintenance. Ask yourself; have you gone through an AC maintenance and inspection by an HVAC company in Austin yet this year? If you had not scheduled a tune up session, not all is lost, call a local HVAC maintenance company in Austin, and schedule a tune up session for your air conditioner now. Experts suggest that you have to prepare your air conditioner before the summer season gets into full swing to prevent a break down. Preparation means getting professional air conditioner maintenance work done.
The other reasons for an AC breaking down include the air conditioner being overheated. If your air conditioner overheats in the summer, or trips the circuit breaker, that means there is a huge strain on the machine that needs to be checked by a professional. Just flipping the circuit switch on won’t do the trick. If the AC is tripping the circuit breaker repeatedly, this is really dangerous. By constant overheating, your AC is likely to break down. The reasons for an AC overheating may include dirty air filters, dirty condenser coils, low levels of refrigerant, or the condenser fan is malfunctioning. All these reasons could cause an AC to draw more amps (electric current) from the circuit, causing the circuit breaker to trip off.
Make sure to replace your air conditioner’s air filters once every two or three months also to prevent a break down. There are different types of filters for different types of air conditioners. You should ask your AC technician when and how to replace an air filter, and what air filters to buy.