Many homeowners prefer installing window air conditioners in their home. If you have a small house or an apartment in Austin, a window air conditioner is the right choice. For bigger homes, however, a central air conditioning system may help cutting down on energy costs. A window air conditioner may encounter problems in its working life, and you must know about these basic problems. Among the most common air conditioner problems are odd noises coming out of the unit. A window AC is usually installed inside the room, and the noises can really disrupt your sleep and everyday activities. Strange noises are quite annoying, noises such as rattling, grunting, screeching, and other noises are very common.
If very loud noises are emanating from the air conditioning unit, the culprit is usually the fan belt. If the fan belt is dislodged, it can cause this kind of issue. Call a repair technician in Austin to inspect it; if the fan belt shows considerable damage, the technician will replace it with a new one. It is wise not to rely too much on fix my air conditioner, do-it-yourself type of home guides. These guides can be misleading, as an air conditioner is a complex device, and a lot of care is required in handling it. Replace the fan belt with a new one if you want to put an end to the loud noise. The other most common problem with a window air conditioner is low levels of refrigerant. A leaky air conditioner can cause low levels of refrigerant in the unit. If insufficient levels of refrigerant were added into the AC at the time of installation, that can cause problems, too.
It is the job of a repair professional to inspect the levels of the refrigerant in a window AC. The AC technician determines the correct level of refrigerant. Too much or too low of an amount both can cause problems. If hot air is blowing out of the air conditioner, the reason is probably low levels of refrigerant. Homeowners should maintain their window air conditioners, and should sign up for a seasonal AC maintenance session. The AC technician will inspect all the parts of the air conditioner, and will perform cleaning jobs, and this will ensure that your air conditioner performs in the most efficient manner in the summer season. If you do not change the air conditioner’s filter regularly, this will lower the efficiency of the air conditioner. A pungent odor coming out of a window air conditioner is a very common problem, and it is mainly due to a dirty air filter.

You should clean or replace the air filter every month in the summer season to avoid bad odor problems. The pungent odor is mainly due to build up of large amounts of moisture in the AC unit. The inside cleaning of a window air conditioner should be done by an AC technician. Thermostat related issues are very common with a window AC, as well. In most cases, the sensor of a thermostat is dislodged, and it causes rapid changes in the temperature and insufficient cooling. The sensor of a thermostat should be placed properly.