An air conditioner that works well is a necessity in the scorching heat of an Austin summer. The efficiency and performance of your air conditioner can be affected if it requires maintenance and repair work. HVAC companies get a lot of complaints of noisy ACs, frozen ACs, leaking ACs, and the worst is a broken air conditioner. People suffer from many AC related issues in the summer in Austin; a noisy air conditioner is a very common issue for most homeowners. Everyone prefers a quiet air conditioning system that provides a sound and peaceful background, and its sound does not interrupt everyday activities. The latest air conditioning systems are the quietest and most efficient systems.
A noisy air conditioner may be a sign of a broken air conditioner, and it is something that you cannot ignore. Noisy air conditioners indicate an underlying problem that only an HVAC technician in Austin can diagnose and repair. A noisy air conditioner can keep you up all night; it does not matter if it is a window AC unit or a central AC unit. If it begins to make weird and loud sounds, that means something is wrong. An improperly installed air conditioner can create unexpected noises, such as clanks and clattering noises, or some bolts and screws inside might need tightening. For a window AC unit, the sound could be coming from the mounting; proper placement and installation is very important for a window AC. Dirty inside units and dirty air filters can cause an air conditioner to create strange noises, as well.
Very loud noises are a sign of an imminent system breakdown; therefore, you must contact an AC technician as soon as possible for an inspection. Most cooling systems have a compressor related noise issue; the compressor circulates the pressurized refrigerant through the air conditioning system. It has many moving parts, and a malfunction in any of these parts can cause a strange noise. Noise problems due to the compressor have many causes, such as loose compressor mounts, loose connections, low suction pressure within the compressor, loose belts, and improper refrigerant levels. Improper ductwork installation can cause noise problems with a central air conditioning system, as well. The ductwork must be sized according to the system’s cooling capacity.
Always call up an expert and qualified technician for AC inspection and repair. The technician should be able to resolve the noise issue as quickly as possible so you can have a comfortable temperature and environment inside the house. An old AC unit can create a lot of noise, so if the system is too old, consider replacing it with a newer, quiet, and energy efficient system.