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Summers in Austin can heat up quickly, and having a working AC unit is important. The thing is, your pets might be inadvertently causing air conditioner maintenance problems over time. Here are three AC-related issues your pets might be causing and remedies you can implement.

1. Dirty Air Filters

While you might be following your AC unit’s manufacturer guidelines when it comes to replacing filters, if you have indoor pets, you may want to reconsider your standard timeline for replacement. If you can have your AC unit service professional suggest how often these should be replaced in relation to your pets, you can stay on top of this and keep your AC unit running more efficiently throughout the summer.

2. External Unit Corrosion

If your pets spend some time outdoors, they might feel the need to protect the perimeter of their home, and part of this might involve marking. If there are pests that come around and might be marking your external AC unit, your pets might follow suit. This can lead to corrosion of your external AC unit over time, but this can be avoided. Be sure to hose this down periodically so your pets don’t feel the need to mark their territory as much.

3. Blocked Vents

Depending on where your pets sleep within your home, vents lower to the ground can become inadvertently blocked with fur, or even accidentally closed by pets just trying to cool off. If you can periodically vacuum out vent areas and double-check that vents are open, this will keep your AC running well and keep air circulation even throughout your home.

If you are having AC issues and you cannot pinpoint the culprit, having an AC specialist provide general maintenance can keep your air conditioning in good working condition. If this might be a pet-related issue, you can work to remedy this in the future and keep your AC working correctly throughout the summer.