An air conditioner can go on the fritz on the hottest day of the summer when you need it the most, and this is especially true if you have an older unit. Fortunately, many a times, a wrong cooling setting on the unit can make an air conditioner stop working. Also, it may just be the thermostat that has become dysfunctional. Sometimes, simple fixes can get the air conditioner up and running, especially if the system is newer and you have never had any issues with it before. If there is a problem with the thermostat, you need to replace it, if the circuit breaker or fuse has blown; only an AC technician can repair this kind of problem. Basically, the thermostat should have a lower temperature than the room temperature.
If the air conditioner is not working, check the circuit breakers for the air conditioner unit. Open up the panel and see if any breakers have tripped. Most homeowners know how to check circuit breaker, so that won’t be an issue. If you are not sure, an AC repair contractor is just a call away in Austin for an AC inspection. If the breaker turns off again after you have switched it on, there is a problem with the electrical wiring, and it needs a professional inspection. Remember, it may not be easy to get help by a professional on severely hot days, as AC technicians have many appointments to take care off, so call up an HVAC company that provides 24-hour emergency service. Problems like these are easily avoidable if you get spring maintenance of the air conditioning unit in your house. Maintenance right before the summer season can help get rid of bigger problems in the peak season.
Blocked airflow is another cause of an AC breakdown. Check the outside unit of the air conditioner, and remember that direct sunlight should not hit the outside system. If the outside unit is covered with twigs and shrubs, trim them, turn the AC on and see if it is working again. If water is leaking from the unit, or the air conditioner is making a lot of noise, you need to call up a professional AC technician for inspection and repair. If you have done all of these checks, and still cannot turn on the AC, then only a professional repair technician can solve the problem. Do not run into do it yourself kind of projects, as an air conditioner is a complex machine, and repairing it requires special skills and knowledge that only certified AC technicians possess. Always turn off the power to the air conditioner before changing air filter, or performing any kind of cleaning and inspection work.