Air filters are an important part of keeping your heating and cooling system clean. When used properly, they collect dust, allergens and microscopic particles that would otherwise be trapped inside our homes making the indoor air dirty. Filters do a lot to improve air quality and make furnaces and air conditioning systems more efficient.
Air Filters Clean the Air
Air filters are created to be dust magnets. When your air conditioner or furnace blower kicks on, it blows heated or cooled air through the ventilation system and into the rooms along with any dust particles that may have settled into the vents. That air is then pushed back through the air intake vents by the air handler where it cycles all over again. As the air is pushed through the system, the particles of dust, hair, mold and other allergens get caught in the filters which keep them from getting back into the circulating air making it cleaner for us to breathe.
Filters Improve Efficiency
Not only do filter keep the air clean by blocking a lot of particles that would make the air dirty, but by doing this, they also make your air conditioning system run more efficiently. Dust, hair, pet dander and mold spores can get into the ductwork, blower motors and evaporator coils making them dirty and clogging them up. The system cannot run efficiently in this state and must be turned off and cleaned thoroughly. Restricted airflow through the system due to dirty filters can damage the system due to pressure buildup.
How often to change- air filters need to be checked monthly and replaced as needed.
Types of Air Filters
• HEPA Filters-are 99.99% effective at removing the tiniest of microscopic germs from the air and trapping them within the layers of these filters. They are the most widely recommended type of filters for us in air conditioning and heating systems.
• Electrostatic Air Filters-attract dirt particles like a magnet and are easy to clean. These filters are little more economic due to the fact that they can be washed and reused.
• Panel Filters- these are the most commonly known filters and are available at most hardware and home improvement stores as well as a few larger retailers. These have the paper accordion look to them and can be purchased for a few dollars.
Changing air filters is an important step in keeping your system well-maintained. ABA Heating and Cooling has been providing comfort to Austin residents for over 30 years. Their team of expert, NATE-certified technicians is dedicated to keeping your central air conditioning system running at its optimum best. Call us for quick and speedy service or to install your next cooling system.