The start of fall brings on many exciting things. Kids go back to school, holidays are right around the corner and the cool air starts to creep in on us. One thing many people forget to do is have their HVAC tune-up to get ready for the winter cold arrives.

There are several reasons that a fall tune-up is important. Below I have listed the most significant reasons to choose to have your service down soon

1. Decreases Chances of a Break Down

HVAC units are more likely to have a break down when they are working harder. The cold air that winter produces is one reason your unit will have to work harder and increases the chances of it breaking down. Think about it this way; if we do not get our car regularly maintenance the cost to repair it goes up; the same is true for your HVAC unit.

2. Lowers Energy Costs

High-energy costs can often times be directly related to a unit that is not running at its full capacity. A fall tune- up can ensure your unit is running smoothly and create lower energy costs.

3. Gives a Longer Life to your System

Nobody wants to hear the news they need a new HVAC unit. Units can cost anywhere from $3,000-$11,000. Proper maintenance can give your unit the most life and prevent you from spending money prematurely.

Air conditioner maintenance is key in avoiding any issues that may arise over the winter months. If you are still unsure about what a fall tune- up can do for you please call us. We would be happy to go over all your options with you.

If you’ve got any questions, contact us today for more information.