An unexpected cold spell may have you tempted to turn up your thermostat to compensate, but there are a few ways you can stay warm without the extra expense of turning up the heat. Take advantage of heat-generating appliances and benefit from the little bit of extra warmth they provide.

Layer Your Clothing

One method of staying warm is to trap your body heat between layers of clothing. This keeps you warmer and is as easy as putting on a t-shirt with a sweatshirt or sweater over it, a pair of socks and slippers and a knit cap to keep your head warm. Did you know that two places where heat escapes from the body is through your head and your feet, keep them covered to minimize heat loss.

Open Your Curtains

Take advantage of a little free geothermal heat during the day by opening your curtains when the sun is up to facilitate maximum heat transfer. Likewise, cover windows in the evening to keep out the cold. Cold air radiates through walls and windows, heavy drapes or curtains with rubber backing are great for blocking cold air making the room warmer.

Open the Door on the Oven or Dishwasher

If you open the door to your oven when you’ve finished baking the extra heat will warm the kitchen up nicely and give you a little extra heat. Also if you leave the door to your dishwasher open after it’s finished the cycle you will get a little more heat and some much appreciated moisture in the air from the steam. Winter heat tends to be very drying to your skin and sinuses.

Make a Big Pot of Beef Stew

This idea is great for any day, whether it is cold or not. Throw some meat and vegetables in a pot and add some broth or water, enough to cover the meat and turn it on low. Stir it periodically and let it simmer all day for a quick and easy meal. The heat from the boiling pot will make the kitchen nice and toasty and the aroma of the simmering stew will make everyone ask “what’s for dinner.”

Block Drafts

The most effective way to stay warm is to block drafts that let in cold air. A rolled up towel placed lengthwise in front of a door does a great job of keeping out the cold. A little caulk around windows and gaps in door frames also helps to seal cold air leaks.

Snuggle Up

This tip works anytime as well. Snuggle up in a big fluffy blanket alone or with your sweetie and share body heat to stay warm and toasty. A big mug of hot chocolate and a good movie is a great way to weather a chilly evening.

These tips will help you stay warmer without turning up your thermostat. You’ll save the most money on utilities when your thermostat settings stay consistent for 8 hours or more. Lower your thermostat a few degrees and use these suggestions for a little free heat. If you would like to know more about programmable thermostats and how they can help you lower your energy bills, contact the experts at ABA Heating and Cooling. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have.