Why not begin the New Year right by investing in an HVAC maintenance plan for your home heating and cooling system? Austin’s temperatures are mild in comparison to other places but that shouldn’t be a reason not to protect your investment with a service contract to keep it running in tip top shape all year long. Here are a few ways you benefit from having a service plan.

Enjoy Preferred Customer Status

Having a service plan in place often gives you a Preferred Customer or VIP status. This entitles you to faster service, less wait time and less time being without heating or cooling if something breaks down. Just like any other type of membership, being a VIP ensures that you receive expedited service and special perks for being a member. Perks may be discounts or specials for new products or services.

Avoid Costly Repairs by Being Proactive

Prevention is always better than the alternative. Maintenance service will catch those little things showing signs of wear and tear or imminent distress and fix them before they breakdown. Regular service and inspection prevents a lot of problems later on and reduces the cost of repairs by fixing them early.

Save Money on Energy Bills

If your system is kept tuned up with regular maintenance it will operate more efficiently and save you money when the month’s energy bills arrive. Like any other type of equipment, something that operates when it is out of tune uses more energy, fuel and etc. It may also cause your system to wear out sooner than it should.

Extends the Life of Your System

Preventative maintenance can extend the life of your system and keep it running at its best. Even if your current system is nearing the 10 yr. mark, you still benefit from regular service. It can give new life to an older system that still has a few years left in it.

Gives Peace of Mind

Just like insurance, maintenance plans give you peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have to wonder if your system needs replaced or if something will break. Your AC contractor will keep you informed of your system’s condition and advise you of options when it comes time to replace it. You also know that in the event something unexpected happens, you will not have to wait a long time to get service.

Many people have the mentality that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but the longer you let something go the worse it gets. Applied to heating and cooling systems, a small problem could turn into a larger problem if it is let go too long. Just like a worn belt on your car, it makes an annoying noise that you ignore because it’s not a big problem, until it breaks that is and you have a bigger problem. Don’t wait until something breaks down.

Contact the experts at ABA Heating and Cooling for more information on maintenance plans for the new year. Our NATE-certified technicians can evaluate your current system and advise you on service plans and pricing as well as upgrades and new installs.