Purchasing a new air conditioner is quite an investment, but after moving into a new house, you may need to install a new air conditioning system as your old cooling system may not work efficiently. In order to buy an air conditioner, you have to do some research and ask yourself, do you need a central air conditioning system or a wall-mounted air conditioner. An HVAC expert in Austin can answer this question and help you with installation services. Both of these systems possess benefits and disadvantages, but you should make a final selection keeping in consideration your space and cooling needs.
After you have moved into a new house in Austin, it is important to buy an air conditioner that fits your cooling needs, your comfort preferences, and other technical aspects related to cooling your home. If you consider buying a central air conditioner, you must keep in mind that its installation cost is higher than having a wall-mounted nit. Central air conditioners require a duct system to deliver conditioned air to every room of the house. Installing ductwork in older homes can be a problem; wall-mounted air conditioners, on the other hand, can easily be installed, as these are self-contained units. A central air conditioner can be more efficient than a wall-mounted AC if you have several levels in your house. Installing a separate air conditioner in each room can be time-consuming and less efficient.
Therefore, if you have several rooms in your house that need cooling, you should look for a central air conditioning system. A central air conditioner will maintain a stable temperature in each room of the house. For a wall-mounted air conditioner, you have to adjust the thermostat and temperature for each room. Wall air conditioners are typically less expensive, that is why these are a popular and a typical choice in some older homes.
Always purchase an air conditioner that comes with at least a 5-year of warranty, and always buy an air conditioner from a reputable brand.
If you want your central or wall-mounted air conditioner to work efficiently with few problems, you have to schedule annual maintenance of the air conditioning system with a HVAC company in Austin. Whatever air conditioner you choose, remember that the energy efficiency rating should be above 13 (SEER). In nonprofessional sense, an AC with 13-efficiency rating would consume 30% less energy as compared to an older unit with a rating below 13. Whatever system you choose, make sure it is the right size for your home and family’s cooling needs.