Buying a new air conditioner can be a big investment and picking the right air conditioner for your home requires a lot of consideration. The air conditioner you pick for your house should be energy efficient and should help you lower your energy bills. Homeowners in Austin have many different types of air conditioners to choose from; the type of air conditioner you choose will depend on your cooling needs. The latest AC models are more energy efficient, quiet, look great, and will save you money on energy bills each month. If you are still trying to go through the summer with a ten-year-old AC unit, it is high time to upgrade. You should cut down on energy costs and repair bills, and consider buying a new unit for a pleasant, cool, and comfortable summer.
So, how do you pick the right air conditioner for your Austin home? A new air conditioner should be better, quieter and efficient than the older unit you had in your house. You can contact an HVAC company in Austin for an expert consultation on what AC to buy. They will help you to pick the right capacity AC that will be able to take care of your home and family’s cooling needs with a great SEER rating of 13 or more.
If you had been paying a lot on energy bills previously, a latest model with a SEER of 13 and above will reduce energy bills by almost 50%. The cooling capacity of an AC is measured in BTU (British thermal unit), if the area you need to cool is 100 to 300 square feet, an AC with 5000 to 6000 BTU will work. If the area is up to a 1000 square feet, an AC with 14,000 to 18,000 BTU will be required. You do no need to install a very big AC in you home; it will consume more electricity and won’t remove humidity from the air. The AC you pick should be able to improve the air quality in your home, pick an AC with an anti-viral or anti-bacterial air filter.