It’s that time again, time for your yearly AC tune up and scheduled maintenance.  Preparing for the summer cooling season is not something you should put off until the last minute. If your air conditioner hasn’t been working at its best, it may be time to look into AC replacement. If your unit is between 10 and 15 years old it has probably outlived its usefulness and should be replaced before summer hits.  You can also save money by upgrading to a new, more energy-efficient model that requires less upkeep.  Here are a few ways you benefit from purchasing a new system:

Newer Systems are More Efficient

The newer, Energy Star appliances are designed to do more but use less energy.  Standard air conditioner use accounts for 50% or more of your electricity bills. If you don’t use a programmable thermostat and just keep it set at one temperature all the time, you are probably receiving bills that are at least two to three hundred dollars every month. A new system would decrease those high bills by consuming less energy.

Tax Rebates Help Defray the Cost

Another benefit of buying a new system is that there are governments rebates that help defray some of the costs and give incentives to people to buy them who may be on the fence about it.  Talk to your local HVAC contractor about rebates, discounts and other incentives for new installations.

Buy When Costs are Lower

According to an article on CNN Money, the best time to buy an air conditioner is in the winter, during the off-season costs are usually lower.  AC contractors tend to be less busy in the winter and you can get a new installation done pretty quickly.

Once You’ve Decided

If you have made up your mind to upgrade your old AC, the rest of the process is pretty simple. You have options when it comes to choosing a new system and you can get help to figure out which system would be best for you and  your family, a new central air system, heat pump or ? Your local AC contractor can offer you some great choices and give you some information to compare products if you are not sure which one to buy.

Replacing your old, energy-sucking air conditioner with a newer energy-efficient model will greatly reduce your electricity consumption and your corresponding utility bills. The benefits of AC replacement are numerous, not only do you get a better performing cooling system but you’re also saving money when you use it.

Call ABA Heating and Cooling to find out how you can get an estimate for a new cooling system,  we are experts in AC repair in Austin and we carry all brands.  Our knowledgeable techs can help you choose a system that is just right for you and your home.