Your furnace has been in hibernation since last winter. After the break due to the warm-weather months, problems could have developed in your residential heating system. You need residential heating maintenance and service for the first start-up of the cool weather season. Your best defense against the cold spells in Austin, Texas, isn’t to pull a wool sweater over your shirt, but to have an effective home heating system in good working order. Along with calling a professional HVAC technician, many consumers also compare their utility or heating bill compared to the prior year. Experts explain why a professional helps you deal with common issues related to the first big start-up of the furnace.

When your furnace won’t start

Maybe you have a bad pilot light, faulty wiring, or even a leaking pipe. These are all reasons your furnace may not turn on. You will have to call a professional heating repair company to service your unit if one of these is the case in your home.

When your furnace creates a strange odor

Usually, it is completely normal to notice a strange smell associated with the first time an electric heater starts up for the year. This is just harmless accumulated dust burning from the surface of the electric coils. However, the smell should only last about an hour, and shouldn’t smell like smoke or fire, and should not set off the fire alarm.

When your furnace doesn’t reach the target temperature

Maybe it appears to work fine, but it’s still cold in the house. This could mean a problem with the blower, fan, heating element, air ducts or vents. It usually requires a thorough inspection of the entire system to find the cause of this issue.

When hiring a professional to conduct residential heating maintenance escaped you during the busy summer and fall, it’s time to schedule a visit. Few people want their cozy holiday parties and events dampened because of a broken furnace. ABA Heating and Cooling is a top rated HVAC company in Austin, Texas. We have highly skilled HVAC technicians trained to service and replace heating and cooling systems. For a regular residential heating maintenance call or for our 24/7 emergency AC repair, please contact us today!