ac maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance is vital in keeping your HVAC system clean and working properly. So if you’re looking for a maintenance plan for your new or old system, consider a few important points.

How often should a technician perform maintenance?

To keep any system clean and running optimally, maintain it at least once per year. Many commercial businesses have an A/C company perform maintenance on their systems every month. This includes filter changing as well as coil washing. Meanwhile, a standard residential A/C system usually only needs professional service about every six months.

What checks will the technician perform on my system?

A dependable air conditioner maintenance technician should inspect your system’s major components during every visit. This includes looking for bad electrical readings, as well as bacterial or biological growth inside the system. He or she will notify you of anything your system needs to ensure its longevity and prevent breakdown.

How will the technician clean the units?

Preventing biological growth is the single most important part of maintaining an air conditioning system, as a lack of proper cleaning may lead to excessive dust or bacteria, and even health problems. With every maintenance visit, your technician needs to sanitize the drain pan, evaporator coil, and blower blades. He or she should also thoroughly wash the condenser coil with an eco-friendly alkaline solution, and then use a garden hose to rinse it off.

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