Do you really need to do a system check before turning on your AC or furnace? While some may think this is an unnecessary expense, it is vitally important to the safety of your furnace and your home. A system that is left unchecked can be a disaster waiting to happen. Fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are two dangers from an unchecked furnace.

Natural gas and heating oil are fossil fuels that are ignited to create heat. When heated, they give off a type of odorless gas called carbon monoxide which is poisonous to people and animals. If the furnace is properly vented and kept clean, there is not too much concern for carbon monoxide poisoning. There are other ways that carbon monoxide can get into the house such as through an improperly installed flue or a crack in the heat exchanger or other part of the system.

Carbon monoxide is just one safety hazard that can be prevented by early detection. Dust and debris on the heating coils can cause a fire. Faulty wiring and a dirty heating system are two common causes of house fires and are preventable with regular maintenance and pre-season system checks.

Pre-season system checks will detect a lot of problems before they can cause any damage. An AC repair technician will clean and vacuum your system and components, check connections and tighten any that may be loose or disconnected. He or she will also look for cracks or leaks and replace any parts that are worn or broken.

What is Checked During an Inspection:

  • Presence of carbon monoxide gas
  • Combustion chamber and heat exchanger
  • Operational control sequence
  • Condition and size of furnace filter
  • Vent pipe to chimney
  • Burner flame adjustment
  • Motors and oil
  • Pilot safety timing
  • Pilot/ignitor mechanism
  • Belts and hoses

Inspecting and cleaning the system prior to use is the best way to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Another reason is that broken parts can be replaced so that you do not have any down time from a non-working system. The worst time to find out something is broken is when you need it the most.

Regularly performed system checks will keep your furnace working like clockwork and keep your family safe from danger. Contact ABA Heating and Cooling to schedule a maintenance check or system repair, we are Austin’s AC contractor for heating and cooling issues.