Given the substantial investment in your commercial air conditioning, timely, proactive maintenance will ensure that you get the most from your unit. Reduce the potential for more expensive repairs and disruptive outages with scheduled, periodic maintenance.

The off-peak winter season is an ideal time to carry out cooling system maintenance and perform appropriate repairs. Technicians are certainly more available than they normally are when the first heat wave of the new year arrives. With off-season maintenance, it is possible to avoid emergencies during those inevitable hot spells to come. Some commercial systems require more complex maintenance, so it is wise to consult past maintenance records to spot areas where a proactive maintenance investment is wise.

Arrange for these services to extend system life and reduce costly energy consumption:

  • Cleaning condenser coils – Regular, professional cleaning of condenser coils often extends their life and improves energy efficiency. According to one public utility, savings of as much as 30 percent are possible over two decades.
  • Air filters – Regular air filter changes are inexpensive, and they promote energy savings. The savings potential is particularly significant in the spring when dust and other airborne particles often clog filters at a higher rate. High quality air filters are often worth the extra expense because they improve air quality and decrease stress on the system. It is often possible to simultaneously extend the life of an HVAC system while promoting a healthier indoor environment for workers.
  • Cleaning the overall unit – When appropriate, it is possible to power wash rooftop units to wipe away dirt buildup that reduces energy efficiency. It is important to wash away grit and grime before it becomes more difficult to remove.

Don’t put off important cooling system maintenance. Procrastination can get expensive. Commercial enterprises that simply react to developing cooling system problems will often spend far more in the long run.

Sometimes, aging systems may require replacement to avoid dramatically escalating repair costs. Older systems often cost far more to operate than the modern, efficient HVAC units that can replace them. The energy-saving potential only grows as utility rates continue to increase.

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