Your central air conditioning system has a big job to do to remove the heat and humidity that builds up inside your home in the summertime. One way to use less energy and save money on air conditioning is to minimize the amount of heat that your air conditioner needs to remove; it will run less and save you more on your monthly utilities.
Provide Shade
Trees and shrubs provide shade and much needed oxygen for plants and people. Trees, vines or other foliage planted on the sunny side of the house blocks the heat from seeping in through walls, windows and roofing. It is not always possible to shade the sunny side of the house with trees because they take a long time to grow. If there are no trees on your property, you might consider putting up an awning or rolling shade to deflect the heat transfer on the side of the house that gets the most sun.
Cover Windows
Cover your windows during the hottest part of the day, generally between 10am and 2pm. Heavy curtains, shades, blinds or window film will reflect heat keeping it from getting inside and making the temperature go up. Rooms with the windows covered will feel cooler than rooms with the blinds open. Uncover windows after 3pm or whenever the late afternoon sun has passed.
Attic Fans
Warm air rises so it is natural for excess heat to travel upstairs to your attic. Your insulation and weatherproofing should block some of the heat but having an attic fan installed can help remove a lot of the humidity that accumulates in attic spaces. These fans do not cool the air; they just remove the heat by pushing it out through the exhaust vents.
Run Your Dishwasher Later in the Day

Your dishwasher and washing machine contribute to some of the humidity and heat buildup in your home. One suggestion is to set your dishwasher’s drying cycle to “air dry” and wash laundry in cold water to keep excess moisture out of the air. A better suggestion is to run these appliances later in the evening when temperatures have dropped. Running a load of dishes or laundry after 7pm saves money because utility companies generally charge less per kilowatt hour during off-peak times.
These tips will help you stay cooler this summer and keep utility bills down. Taking advantage of natural sources of cooling and blocking the heat transfer are two ways to reduce heat buildup in the summer. Call your HVAC company for regular maintenance and AC tune-ups. ABA Heating and Cooling are experts in AC repair and AC replacement in Austin, call to schedule an evaluation of your current system and see if a new installation may be just what your home needs to keep you cool and comfortable in Austin.