Most people take their air conditioners for granted, and make it work hard without every scheduling any maintenance for it. Lack of maintenance takes it toll during the peak time of the summer, and it causes an AC to break down. A broken AC is more common than we think, and many homeowners in Austin will need to find a professional HVAC company to work with when this happens. Many things can go wrong and can cause an AC breakdown, but in this article, we are discussing the most common culprits behind it. A central air conditioner is a complex system and it requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Follow this article to see what can go wrong with a central air conditioner.
Experts suggest that a broken AC issue is avoidable if you maintain your air conditioner regularly, and schedule a seasonal air conditioner cleaning and maintenance session. A licensed and professional HVAC company in Austin will help you keep your central air conditioning system up-to-date and well-maintained. Dirty air filters, and dirty evaporators and condenser coils can lead to an air conditioner break down if ignored for a long time. Therefore, a cleaning and maintenance appointment is important for the efficiency and longevity of an air conditioner. A capacitor is an essential part of a central air conditioner, and when the capacitor stops working; it leads to an AC breakdown. We must understand the working of a capacitor to evaluate what can go wrong, and how to prevent it.
A capacitor is an electric device that stores current in an air conditioner. When we turn on the air conditioner, the capacitor supplies the fan with an extra amount of current to get it started. Once the fan starts running at full speed, the capacitor stops supplying the extra current, therefore, it serves an important function and if it blows out, your air conditioner will stop working. A repair specialist can easily evaluate the causes of a capacitor break down; the common causes are usually a power surge, short-circuiting, overheating, or excessive outdoor temperature and direct sunlight – especially if the AC unit is located on the rooftop. A capacitor of a very old air conditioning unit can also break down due to wear and tear. If your AC is a decade old, it is a good idea to replace it with a new model.

Some of the warning signs you should look for include a burning odor or smoke coming out from the capacitor, or cracks and bulging of the capacitor. Make sure to contact an AC technician when you observe any of these warning signs. A blown air conditioner capacitor is a very common issue, and it requires professional help and repair. Being aware of the working of a capacitor is very important, as it will make you identify the faulty signs quickly, and you can call up a professional at the right time, or the overheating can cause your air conditioner to stop working, completely. A broken air conditioner and a blown AC can ruin your summer, and make it very unpleasant for you!