You may not think too much about the ductwork that carries heat and cooling to the rooms in your home. It’s there and it serves a purpose. Did you know that over time your ductwork can break down allowing air to leak out which means higher energy bills and wasted energy?

According to the U.S Department of Energy, the heating and cooling system installed in the home accounts for a large portion of its energy usage. Lighting systems and electrical appliances use a smaller percentage of the total energy consumption, but the home’s HVAC system is responsible for the most energy consumption. This is why energy-efficiency is so important. Your furnace and air conditioner consume the most energy of all the appliances in your home, so improving energy-efficiency is vitally important to conserving energy and saving money.

How Leaky Ducts Affect Air Quality

The duct work inside the home carries heat and cool air to the rooms inside the home. The ducts are normally sealed and airtight, meaning that no bugs or dirt gets in. When ducts start to separate or shift from normal age and the house settling, tiny gaps in the connections can allow dirt and debris to get pulled into the ventilation system. This affects air quality and can cause issues with mold from moisture getting inside the ducts.

How This Affects Energy-Efficiency

Gaps and cracks in the duct system allow heat and cooled air to leak out into other areas of the home which do not need it. This causes your system to cycle more frequently to maintain the temperature settings and uneven heating or cooling in some of the rooms. Approximately 30 to 40% of the air traveling through the ventilation system is leaking out through the breaks in the ductwork. That is a lot of wasted energy and money to heat or cool unnecessary space.

How to Correct the Problem

If your heating and cooling system is not working efficiently you should call your HVAC company or AC repair service to check your ductwork for leaks. If your energy bills have been higher recently or the rooms in your home are not staying warm or cool enough, it could be a problem with your ducts. Call your HVAC provider and schedule a service call. Your service technician can repair leaky ducts by sealing them with a reflective foil insulating wrap that keeps air inside where it belongs.

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