If you own an older home in Austin, Texas, that hasn’t been updated recently, your house most likely has one of those old manual wall thermostats. When you want to get the temperature just right, it pays to have a high-tech programmable thermostat with all the latest features. Having an Austin A/C technician install a modern programmable thermostat often saves you money on your energy bills. Today’s thermostat models include WiFi ones that match your schedule.

Most people aren’t aware that they can replace their old thermostat very easily and cost-efficiently. Features of new thermostats include remote control, humidity control, digital or touchscreen pads, and pre-programmed temperature adjustments. One of the worst things about those old thermostats is the hazardous mercury inside them which requires professional disposal if broken.

By far, the coolest result of this new technological era is WiFi-controlled thermostats. Have you ever been at work and wondered if you forgot to turn off the air conditioner before you left the house this morning? Imagine being able to just log on to your smart phone or computer and adjust the temperature in your house remotely by the click of a button. And when the kids get home from school, you can log on again to turn it on so the house will be comfortable well before they open the front door. How much money could you save on your electric bill if you could do that with your thermostat?

Now imagine all of the above benefits, automated. Instead of having to change the temperature yourself, what if your thermostat was smart enough to adjust itself based on the time of day? New thermostats can also be programmable, so you can set it to what temperature you want it when you wake up, when you leave for work, get home, and go to sleep. They can even be programmed differently for weekends.

Living around Texas, you are familiar with changing humidity levels in the environment. Fear no longer, because another feature of these thermostats is humidity control. If the air is too dry, go to your cool new touchscreen thermostat and turn the humidity up; and if it’s starting to feel a bit stuffy in the house, turn it down.

Other feature include an adjustable cycle to stop on-off cycling for your heating and cooling system with auto changeover switches that automatically shift from heating to cooling. Instead of buttons and knobs, you can use touch-sensitive menus and touchscreens that look more modern to fit your decor. Also, intuitive controls and large prompts help you avoid mistakes when setting temperatures and times.

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