Summer utility bills can be lowered by making your air conditioner operate more efficiently. Many people do things that make their system work harder like leaving windows or doors open, use dishwashers on “heated dry” settings or use their ovens that let extra heat in that has to be removed and conditioned by your cooling system. Here are some tips for making your air conditioner operate more efficiently:
Block Heat Transfer
Heat transference occurs when the sun hits your windows during the hottest part of the day. It can heat up a room in no time making your air conditioner work harder to cool the space. It is best to cover windows with a heavy curtain, window shades or other material to block or deflect the heat rays. Mirrored or tinted window film also blocks a lot of the heat and UV rays from sun-facing windows.
Change Air Filters Monthly
In the summer, it is best to change air filters monthly due to continuous system use. Austin summers are hot and that means that the filters are going to get pretty dirty collecting dust, pet hair, smoke, mold and allergens from getting in your ventilation system. Air filters keep particles from clogging up the moving parts of your air conditioner or furnace but when dirty, it can restrict air flow through the system and put stress on the motor and ductwork.
Use Programmed Settings
Use programmed settings even on days that everyone is home. Most people will set their thermostats to run at a lower temperature while they are away but then override it temporarily because they came home early. If you keep the settings as they are you will save more money because your air conditioner will be running efficiently for longer periods and your body will get used to a slightly higher temperature.
Make Use of Existing Fans
Using fans in combination with your air conditioner allows you to raise the temperature a few degrees without sacrificing comfort. Fans do not cool the air in the room, they cool the pocket of air around your body making you feel cooler. If you sleep better when it’s cool, turn on your fan and raise the setting on your air conditioner. The fan will cool you by blowing cool air around you and you won’t even notice the temperature difference. You will, however, notice the savings on your monthly utility bills.
Replace Your Old System
AC replacement is recommended if your cooling system is more than 12 years old or you have had numerous repairs in the past year. Energy Star models are more energy-efficient and government rebates can help defray some of the costs of new installation.
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