If you woke up this morning to discover that your air conditioner is not working, then you are probably also wondering who services heating and cooling systems and how long you will have to wait for service. Choosing an AC contractor in Austin is not difficult if you remember a few basic instructions. Keep these key points in mind when calling HVAC companies:

All AC Contractors are Not the Same

When looking for a reliable AC repair contractor in Austin, take the time to do some research. Not all contractors and companies are the same. An HVAC company should be licensed, bonded and insured as well as NATE certified in heating and cooling systems. They should also offer contact information as well as a number to call for emergencies.

A Track Record of Excellence

A reputation in your field of expertise is something to be valued and preserved. A good company will not do anything to tarnish their reputation in the business world and focus more on the customer instead of the bottom line. A company that values its customers and understands their need for comfort is important, not only for good business transactions but for building relationships that may last for years to come.

Years of Experience in the Field

How many years has the company been in business? How long have they served the community and residents of that area? Do they have referrals or testimonials? When customers receive good service or service that goes above and beyond what is expected, it is unthinkable not to tell someone about it. If a company has really impressed customers with their service they will definitely want to make mention of it on the company’s website or blog so be sure to check out their website thoroughly.

Free or Low-Cost Estimates

If you’re on the fence about choosing an ac contractor in Austin, one suggestion is to call several companies in the area and talk with. Ask questions and schedule an appointment for each one to inspect your system and give you an estimate for repair. The best way to get to know a company is to talk to their representatives and find out more about them.

Cheaper is Not Always Better

While we do like saving money, the lowest price does not guarantee the best quality. Just like the highest price does not guarantee the quality of a product, you need to look into cooling systems and price them, look at SEER rating and Energy Star recommendations. You’ll have an idea of what is an average cost so you won’t be tempted to go too low or too high. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is true in many cases when it comes to the quality of a product or service. Anything that is outside of what the “normal or average going price” is suspect and should be viewed with caution.

Having your air conditioner out of service during the hottest days of summer is something to avoid. ABA Heating and Cooling services many popular brands of air conditioning systems and they care about your comfort. They are AC contractors that care about the comfort of their customers and know their time is valuable so they respond quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Call today for quick and speedy ac repair by a NATE-certified specialist.