Turning on your air conditioner is as simple as flipping a switch, but have you ever wondered what makes it work? How does it produce enough cool air to keep the inside of your home cool and comfortable in the summertime? Here is a look at the parts of the central air conditioning unit and how they work together to keep your home cool.
The central air conditioning system is made up of two parts, the condensing unit which can be mounted on the ground or on the roof of the home, and the indoor air handler and blowers. The blowers, or fan and motor, are responsible for blowing the cold air up through the ventilation system where it is carried by the ductwork to the air vents in each room. Here are the individual parts and what each one does.
Condensing Unit
The condensing unit is the part of your air conditioner that is located outside the home. It houses the condensing coils, compressor and condenser fan. The compressor pressurizes the liquid refrigerant (heats it up) and passes it through the condensing coils where it cools off as it travels through a tube to the evaporator coils.
Evaporator Coils
These coils are made of copper tubing which allows them to get really cold. As the refrigerant passes through these coils it becomes super cooled and evaporates into a fine mist. The mist is then blown out through the room vents by the blowers or fans located inside the air handler.
Air Handler
The air handler houses the blowers and connects to the ventilation system through the homes ductwork. Once the refrigerant is evaporated, the air handler draws the air in pushing it over the coils and blows the cooled air out into the ventilation system.
Blower Fan
These are the fans inside the air handler that are responsible for blowing out the cooled air. These fans can have one or two speeds which allow it to work more efficiently at keeping the home cool. With a secondary speed, the fan blades can turn faster or slower which helps you save money and keep cool.
All of these parts work together to make up a central air conditioning unit. Maintaining a system like this is a job best left for qualified, trained professionals in HVAC systems. ABA Heating and Cooling are experts in AC repair and replacement in Austin and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for questions about your central air conditioner or upgrading your old system to a newer one. New installations may qualify for tax rebates and other incentives.