If you are planning a new construction you will, no doubt, want to use the best insulation for energy savings and heat retention. Many homeowners are looking for greener options when choosing insulation, fiberglass is itchy and can irritate your eyes and sinuses if you breathe it in and loose fill is messy. With the demand for more eco-friendly building options, there are now new types of insulation that will do the job and be good for the environment. Here are a few of the greener choices available.

Denim Blue Jeans

This type of insulation is made from scrap denim material and is blown in like cellulose. The material is collected during the manufacturing process and makes use of a material that was previously discarded. What a great use for scraps.

Straw Bale

Straw is also a natural insulator and is made from 100% natural materials.

Eco-friendly Soy Spray Foam

Soy spray foam is a healthier and more natural form of foam insulation. Spray foam is great for filling in cracks and creating an airtight seal due to its ability to expand 100 times its original size.

Wool or Cotton Batt

Wool and cotton are equally good alternatives to fiberglass batt insulation. Both contain no chemicals and act as a natural insect repellant. Wool is flame-retardant and an easily-renewable resource.


Cellulose is made from recycled newspaper and is often blown-in or used as loose fill to fit around areas where blanket insulation won’t fit.

A home that is well insulated will stay warm and have lower utility bills. Insulation creates an envelope around the home that makes a thermal break between indoor and outdoor temperatures. In simple terms, it means that your heated or cooled air stay inside where it belongs and not seeping out through the attic and walls of the home. If you’d like more information about how insulation helps save energy, contact ABA Heating and Cooling.