Summertime in Austin means that everyone is going to use his or her air conditioners to full capacity, and if your AC went out last summer; it is likely to happen again this time if you haven’t maintained it properly. It is no surprise that during the summer, HVAC companies get the most emergency repair calls for air conditioner breakdowns, but there are ways you can prevent this from happening. In this article, we highlight the common mistakes homeowners make that lead to an air conditioner failure. When an air conditioner is working around the clock in hot and humid conditions, something can go wrong with it. A seasonal tune-up before the cooling season can prevent air conditioner failure and other AC related problems in the summer. Disregarding regular maintenance is the top mistake people make that leads to costly AC repairs.
The company that makes your air conditioner and your utility company in Austin recommend regular maintenance of the air conditioning system, and in many cases, the warranty will be void if you do not maintain your air conditioner properly or try to do it on your own. If you wonder why your AC went out last summer, it is probably due to lack of regular air conditioner maintenance. A new and modern AC also requires maintenance and inspection. Regular inspection of an air conditioner does not cost much. Schedule the maintenance early during the spring season so that the experts can catch minor mistakes and perform repair work before a problem shows up. If you have an old air conditioning system and it breaks down or turns off quite often, it is probably high time to invest in a brand new system with a higher energy efficiency rating.
Forgetting to change the air filter is a very common mistake; you need either to clean it or replace it with a new one when necessary. This can also lead to higher energy bills, poor air quality, and a premature system breakdown. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the type of filter you have, and ways to replace it. Invest in a new filter that is highly efficient, and has antiviral or antibacterial properties. Another common mistake that people make is ignoring the noises that emanate from an air conditioner. These noises indicate some kind of damage, and air conditioners usually emanate buzzing, clacking and grunting noises can indicate an issue. A repair expert should inspect and identify the source of noise and perform necessary repair work.