There are several reasons why your air conditioning unit may have stopped working. After checking all the simple things like making sure it’s plugged in, the thermostat is on “cool” and set at the proper temperature, if it still does not work you may need to call a technician for AC repair in Austin. Most things can be fixed quickly without taking up too much time. The dead of summer is a bad time for your AC unit to be out of commission.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

If you turn on your air conditioner but nothing happens it may be because your thermostat is defective or you are not getting power to the unit. You may have a short in the wiring, or the unit may have a safety feature built in that turns off the power to avoid damaging the unit.

Frozen Coil

If there is ice on the front of your unit the condenser coil has frozen up. This is often caused by faulty blower fans and dirty air filters that restrict airflow into the unit. Dirt, hair, and pet dander is trapped in the filters to keep the air inside the home cleaner, but if these filters are not changed often enough they can damage your system by restricting the air intake. It may also be low on coolant.

Fans Blow Out Warm Air

If your air conditioning unit is blowing out warm air it could be one of two things. The unit may be low on refrigerant or the compressor may have stopped working. It is not good to let it run in this state, it is advisable to turn it off and call an HVAC technician to inspect it. If it continues to run, the compressor can lock up and then it will have to be replaced which is more costly than just recharging the Freon levels.

Strange Noises While Running

Your unit may make strange noises at the beginning of the cycle that lessen and stop after it has warmed up, these noises are normal. If you hear a rattling noise, it could be a loose part that needs tightening. A hissing sound could be a hose leaking air or fluid. A grinding sound could mean that your fans are hitting against something or the motor is about to shut down.

In many cases, these problems can be detected and prevented by scheduling regular or preventative maintenance. Frozen coils, low refrigerant and restricted airflow problems can be detected during tune-ups and fixed before they become a problem. If you experience any of these issues, contact a NATE-certified technician to inspect your system and diagnose the problem. Call ABA Heating and Cooling for all types of AC repair.