Air conditioner breakdowns are very common in the summer; we rely too much on our air conditioning system to keep us comfortable and cool, but ignore the basic maintenance and repair that is required before the start of the summer. Experts suggest that spring air conditioner tune-ups are very important for an AC to work efficiently during very hot temperatures in the summer in Austin. You should perform basic maintenance in the spring season, such as, checking air filters, adjusting the thermostat, changing thermostat batteries and other tasks. Homeowners should make an appointment for seasonal or annual professional maintenance by an HVAC contractor.
Annual maintenance of your AC will ensure that your cooling system keeps working in full swing during the peak time of the season in Austin. Professional maintenance is performed only by expert HVAC techs, and they will check refrigerant levels, electrical wiring, and will perform cleaning and repair tasks on the inside and outside unit. The air conditioning system will work more efficiently and accurately in the summer. If you have an old system, you should consider an upgrade and discuss it with the HVAC contractor.
Homeowners should have their air conditioning system checked in the late spring, and that is the best time for AC cleaning and maintenance. There are certain problems you need to discuss with the AC technician. The most common AC-related problems are low airflow from your air conditioner, leaky air ducts, refrigerant leaks, and electrical failure. You need to discuss all these issues with the AC technician, and also there are other problems you may not be aware of will be taken care of by the technician. Dirt and debris inside the AC unit is a very typical culprit for an AC breakdown. So, the HVAC contractor who performs maintenance should be doing all of these tasks. The number one task would be to clean the condenser and evaporator coil.
An expert should perform cleaning of the inside and outside unit of an AC, since they abide by the necessary safety codes and have all the necessary tools for AC maintenance, cleaning, and repair. Contact a reputable and professional HVAC company in Austin for AC maintenance.