When the summer heat comes to visit, the only thing on your mind is the air conditioner. If your home is not as cool as you would like or your air conditioner is malfunctioning, do not wait until the last-minute to get Air Conditioner Service. Read on for six indications you should look for to determine if your air conditioner needs repairs.

1. Moisture in All the Wrong Places

Moisture is an indication that refrigerant is leaking. Leaking refrigerant poses a serious health threat. Other things moisture indicates is a broken or blocked drain tube. Although a damaged tube is not as serious as leaking refrigerant, the issue needs to be resolved quickly.

2. Lukewarm Air

Your air conditioner may produce lukewarm air which is not ideal on a hot, muggy, summer days. You may notice your air conditioner does not produce cold air as it once did. Warm air from an air conditioner is a sign that there is an issue with the system’s compressor or the system’s Freon levels are lower than they should be.

3. Problems with the Thermostat

Thermostat issues are ones that have nothing to do with the air conditioner itself. One sure way you can tell if your air conditioner is experiencing thermostat issues is if one part of your home is cool and pleasant while another part is humid or room temperature.

4. Poor Air Flow and Quality

When your air conditioner is providing little to no air, this is a sign that the system’s compressor is experiencing issues. Air conditioners that have poor air flow and air quality need to be serviced immediately. Debris could be blocking the unit’s vents. The unit’s ducts will have to be cleaned to resolve the problem.

5. Foul or Weird Odor

Foul or weird odors coming from an air conditioning unit is an implication the wire insulation is damaged. Muggy and musty smells are a sign there is mold present in the unit. This is a situation with your unit that should not be overlooked or left unattended.

6. Strange Noises

When an air conditioner makes noise, there are many explanations as to why it is occurring. A unit may rattle, squeal or make a grinding noise. These noises suggest the unit should be replaced in a timely manner.

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