The temperatures are rising and your air conditioner is not cooling your home very well. Maybe it is high time to consider AC replacement. If your air conditioner is 10 years old or more, it could still be running, but won’t cool the air in your home the way it used to. Annual AC maintenance and inspections will make your air conditioner last longer, but if an old AC is continually giving you problems, such as tripping the circuit breakers, blowing hot air instead of cool air, breaking down, or your energy bills are rising, it is time to consider a replacement. If you have no idea what size and brand of AC you should buy, you should contact an HVAC company in Austin for guidance.
You don’t have to wait for an AC to break down completely to consider replacement. If you have tried and tested everything, the AC has had many repairs, and the unit is still not blowing cool air, it is not serving its purpose. An air conditioner is meant to keep you comfortable in your home; an old AC unit will struggle a lot and will break down frequently on the hottest days. Look for AC replacement in Austin by a professional and licensed HVAC company. Air conditioner replacement costs would depend on the size and brand of the AC you choose, but buying a new AC unit these days will help you to save on energy bills since they are much more efficient than older models.

div>An older unit will consume more energy and still won’t keep you comfortable and cool. The older units work with a SEER that is 10 or below. SEER “seasonal energy efficiency ratio” should be 13 or more, an AC with a 13 SEER means it will consume 30% less electricity, and that would translate into 30% lower energy bills.

An annual AC inspection will keep your AC or central cooling system in top-notch condition; it helps the system to work better and last longer. An air conditioner that is not cooling, or is needing for frequent repairs is not worth the money, anyway. Instead of spending money on repair after repair, consider an AC replacement if your system is older than 10 years. An HVAC company will help you select the right air conditioning system for your home.