Many air conditioning problems are easy to take care of and to repair by a professional. A few problems are very common, and we will be discussing some common causes of air conditioning problems in this article. There are certain problems you would be able to diagnose by yourself, others would require professional air conditioner repair, such as leaking refrigerant, and sensor issues. Professional help is easy to get in Austin, so make sure to call an expert when it is needed. Proper care and maintenance of your air conditioning unit will increase its life and efficiency. Your home should stay at a comfortable temperature in the summer, and for that to be possible, a fully functional AC is a necessity.
A refrigerant leak is among the most common AC related problems homeowners experience in the summer. It is wise to call an AC technician for air conditioner repair in Austin when you think this may be the situation. One of the main causes behind this leak is a broken condenser pump. If the pump cannot be fixed, it may need a replacement. If the drain hole of your AC unit is blocked, it can also cause a leak. An improperly installed air conditioner can also leak water, so make sure that you hire an expert HVAC contractor for AC repair. Pooling water beneath the AC is a very common issue, and this is not the worst thing that can happen to your AC, but you do need to take care of it.
The thermostat sensors detect the temperature in a room and automatically adjust cooling settings. If the sensors are not working properly, the AC would turn on and off unexpectedly, and the cooling cycle will be erratic. You should keep the doors closed when a room air conditioner is on. A thermostat sensor is meant to keep a constant temperature, and sensor location is crucial; make sure you get it inspected during annual or seasonal AC maintenance. If the air conditioner is not cooling properly, or if the cooling cycle is erratic, it may be a problem with the sensor. Other AC related issues, such as noises coming out of an AC are mainly due to accumulated dirt and debris inside the unit. Dirt and debris is the main culprit for inefficient cooling.
Improper cleaning of the air conditioner can cause many problems as well, such as cool air not blowing out of the AC, noises coming out of the system, inefficient cooling, high-energy bills, circuit breaker tripping off, and other related issues. Something as simple as changing an air filter is often ignored. A dirty air filter will not only decrease the efficiency of an AC, it is also responsible for spreading allergens inside the house.
Homes with pets and many residents should have air filers changed every month. An AC technician can perform the cleaning tasks accurately. An AC too big or small for your home can also cause cooling problems. You should find the right-sized air conditioner for your home. Consult an expert for measuring the square footage of your house, and determine the right size of an air conditioner.