Top 5 Causes of AC System Failure and How to Prevent Them

At ABA Heating and Cooling, we know the importance of a well-functioning air conditioning system. After all, we’ve been serving the Austin, Texas, community for over 20 years, providing quality AC repair, replacement, and maintenance services. However, even the best AC systems can experience some of the common ac problems we see daily. Check out the top 5 causes of AC system failure listed below.

1. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant, or coolant, is crucial for your AC unit to cool the air. If there’s a leak, your unit won’t perform well; over time, it can cause a complete system failure. If you notice a decrease in cooling performance, it may be due to a refrigerant leak. Our certified ABA Heating and Cooling HVAC technicians perform regular maintenance to find and fix leaks, preventing system breakdowns.

2. Dirty or Clogged Filters

Dirty or clogged filters obstruct airflow, causing your AC to work harder. This leads to inefficient cooling and puts additional strain on your AC unit, which can lead to a system breakdown. Regularly changing or cleaning your AC’s air filters is an easy and cost-effective way to prevent this problem.

3. Thermostat Malfunction

Your thermostat is like the control center for your AC. If your AC doesn’t work properly, it won’t know when to start or stop, causing inconsistent cooling or system breakdown. To prevent these issues, regularly check your thermostat, change its batteries, and ensure it’s calibrated correctly.

4. Blocked Condenser Unit

Leaves, dust, and other debris can block the condenser unit, typically located outside your home. This blockage can cause your system to overheat and eventually fail. Regular cleaning of the condenser unit is essential to ensure it can effectively expel heat from your home.

5. Wear and Tear

Like any mechanical system, your AC will experience wear and tear over time. If fans, belts, and bearings wear out or get damaged, the unit can work harder and cause a system failure. Regular preventative maintenance can catch these issues early and replace worn parts before they cause a major problem.

In conclusion, regular maintenance is the key to preventing most AC system failures. At ABA Heating and Cooling, we specialize in providing ac repair and maintenance services for homeowners across the Austin area. Contact us today at 512-687-1463 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment.