A replacement air conditioner is a big investment, and selecting the right AC unit or central air conditioning system involves a lot of consideration. An HVAC company in Austin will help you decide what air conditioning system is best for your home. First, we need to analyze when the right time is to replace an air conditioner. If you are tired of continually getting your air conditioner repaired; it is an old unit; you want to cut down on energy bills, and you have noticed that the AC is working excessively hard and still not making your house comfortable, all these factors would add up and make you consider AC replacement.
The air conditioner in your home should be the right size; meaning the AC shouldn’t be too large or small for your home. The right size of the AC unit will depend on the size of the house. These measurements would require a professional HVAC technician,. The technician will measure the square footage of the room to determine what size cooling system will work best and be the most energy efficient.
Most homeowners do not know what a BTU is and how to calculate it. To put it in simple words, the more BTUs an AC has, the better the cooling power. Therefore, the BTU of your air conditioner depends on the square footage of your room. The other important thing to consider is replacing your old AC unit with a new one, if it is older than 10 years, replacing it would help you save money on energy bills since they are much more efficient than older models.